Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Tuesday 29th December 2009

Playing with Helen's Christmas present - a Tit on the bird feeder looked so close it was amazing.

Monday 28th December 2009

Ian brought his own breakfast - well it makes a change from toast or cereal!

Sunday 27th December 2009

Helen and Ian arrive and there are more presents, more food, more games and more cuddles for the cats.

Saturday 26th December 2009 - Boxing Day

Bryony and Mark arrive and there are more presents to open.

Friday 25th December, 2009 - Christmas Day

After Christmas dinner and the present opening it's time for a board game.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Thursday 24th December 2009

A combination of hail, snow and ice make the roads treacherous.   Here a car crawls along Pensby Road by the light of the sodium lamps.

Wednesday 23rd December 2009

The first blue sky and sunshine for ages make large sheets of hail slide off the conservatory roof.

Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Super-sized hailstones turn the ground white.

Monday 21st December 2009

Jo and I went to Church Farm to get logs, kindling and coal for the fire. While there we met another Penguin!

Sunday 20th December 2009

Red sky in the morning - shepherd's warning.

Saturday 19th December 2009

Will Emma Gertrude Goose make it through Christmas without being eaten - I think so!

Friday 18th December 2009

A Christmas  present to Bryony and Mark (and a late birthday present to Bryony) all combined.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Thursday 17th December 2009

I'm working on another serviette at the moment. I do enjoy my embroidery and Helen Stevens (whose book can be seen in the background) has some lovely animal and plant pictures to copy.

Wednesday 16th December 2009

Christmas is a a good time for renewing friendships; George and I will have been friends for 50 years next year.

Tuesday 15th December 2009

This tiny shoe was among Mum's keepsakes - presumably from her wedding cake.

Monday 14th December 2009

Sunday 13th December 2009

There are plenty of ornaments to photograph on the tree.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Saturday 12th December 2009

A misty and sunny morning in Arrowe Park.

Friday 11th December 2009

One of a number of little wooden tree decorations I got some years ago. I think they are Scandinavian in origin - perhaps Monica recognises the style?

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thursday 10th December 2009

I decorated the tree today.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wednesday 9th December 2009

It stopped raining long enough for me to cut down the Norway Spruce. Tomorrow it will come indoors and be decorated. It may not be the prettiest tree we've ever had but it's great to have grown it ourselves.

Tuesday 8th December 2009

Some of the local shops in Pensby are decorated for Christmas - this is the flower shop.

Monday 7th December 2009

This gnome isn't a Christmas gnome so he'll be staying out in the garden - he seems quite happy to be out there.

Sunday 6th December 2009

Each year I treat us to one new ornament for Christmas. This is the 2009 one - bought from a craft fair and made by Beryl Weir from Frodsham.

Saturday 5th December 2009

The top nine feet of this Norway Spruce in our back garden is going to provide our Christmas Tree this year - if it ever stops raining long enough to cut it down.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Friday 4th December 2009

These penguins must have swum across from Liverpool's 'Go Penguin' event.  They were in the Grange Precinct in Birkenhead.

Thursday 3rd December 2009

A few hours of sunshine and blue sky in the morning.  Then this cold front came across the sky in a straight line and blotted out the sun; then the whole sky was covered in cloud; then it rained again.  Will it ever end.

Wednesday 2nd December 2009

Light on the toilet window - could this be sunshine?   Don't be silly, it's a car headlight through the willow tree.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday 1st December 2009

I had a walk around Liverpool for a few hours today and went into the heritage centre in St George's Hall. St George's Hall, opened in 1854, is widely regarded as one of the finest neo-classical buildings in the world and is a Grade I listed building. It contains concert halls and law courts, and this magnificent ceiling is in the main concert room.

Monday 30th November 2009

I went to the bank in Heswall today and then had a walk round Lower Heswall.