Monday, 25 February 2013


I am cheating.  I have been poorly so often lately that a photo a day has just not been feasible. However there are other days when I have photographed more than one subject and one of those subjects has been appropriate to the missing day.  So I am not being overly picky if the photo is from a different day though obviously it will be from a nearby one. For example, if I were to photograph Valentine's Day cards on the 16th February I might move them back a couple of days.  I hope you'll forgive this cheating. The main thing is that I have forgiven myself it!


  1. I certainly hope you have (forgiven yourself) as it's hardly something worth beating yourself up about... It's still a sort of diary in pictures, isn't it?

    1. Yes, it still is a diaryin pictures, thanks. I think I needed someone else to tell me it was OK as well, so thank you twice over.

    2. I admire you for even trying. This month has been so 'every day the same' to me that the camera has not had much to do...


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