Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tuesday 23rd June 2009

I had two long walks today so choosing which photo to use was hard. But I'm a sucker for butterflies and just couldn't resist using this photo of a Common Blue.


  1. I REALLY like this photo...very, very much.

  2. I just love butterflies, Heather, I have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos of them but still carry on taking them - I'm a photographoholic where they are concerned.

  3. Oh, me too! Well not that I have a lot of photos of them (I am trying!) but the love for them.

    A little semi-funny afternoon I wandered around the back yard much of the day. There was a yellow butterfly (the ones with the little blue spots on their wings) that kept flying very close to me (like it was teasing me to take it's photo). I had my camera but it would not rest on anything...just fly in and out of the trees and around me all day. Finally, I went inside and came out a bit later on (without my camera) AND didn't that little stinker come and rest itself so beautifully AND perfectly in front of me on our deck. Directly in front of my face...and it stayed there until Ray came with my camera in hand...then it flew away. It continues to tease me every day that I walk in the back yard. I WILL (determined) get a good photo of it before summer's end..I will...I will.

    Thought you might enjoy that :)

  4. Hope you get it, Heather. Just speak very nicely to it - as I'm sure you do - and it will sit there for you one day.


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