Saturday, 22 October 2011


Thursday 13th October 2011

Part of the objective of sorting the loft was to de-clutter.  Instead I've put up a frame to hold even more of my old ornaments that were in the loft!  C'est la vie.


  1. Lovely. I too have lots of ornaments in boxes in the loft. Hanging them is a great idea because there's always the threat of cats on our windowsills etc.

    Am I right in thinking that this frame had owls in at Yew Tree?

  2. The frame that had owls in at Yew Tree was one I made - since disappeared somewhere. This is actually a cheap plywood 'drawer inner' I acquired from the market one day. Someone was packing up their stall and throwing it away!

  3. I love the display too. I wonder if we could find somewhere to put one.


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