Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday 7th November 2009

Whatever the web may replace over the years it can never replace the beauty of the Ordnance Survey map. I can read them for hours.


  1. I agree with you that maps are lovely. My brother-in-law used to collect antique prints and maps, until they became prohibitively expensive. Some of them are truly beautiful.
    Take care, Canadian Chickadee

  2. Thanks Carol, I think if I ever had that imaginary mansion where one could keep all the treasures one would like to display I would have a whole room with antique maps on the walls and a big map cabinet. When we lived in a big old Victorian house we had a map cabinet and it broke my heart when it had to go because of downsizing but it was bigger than the room I am now in so it's a good job common sense prevailed.

  3. I'm sorry your map cabinet had to go. Sometimes common sense has a lot to answer for!
    Canadian Chickadee


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