Friday, 6 November 2009

Tuesday 3rd November 2009

Another example of the jeweller's craft - a gold and silver locket of my great, great grandmother's, cleaned up and given a new chain for Jo to wear, 100 years after Grandma Coombes died and it was relegated to a jewellery box.


  1. What a beautiful piece of pleasure this is. I've always had a love for lockets.

  2. What a lovely locket. I have two old Edwardian-style ladies watches, which go on chains. There were three identical ones at one time: One which belonged to my grandmother Elvira, one which belonged to her sister Olga (who never married) and one which belonged to her other sister who married and moved to South Dakota. I have Olga and Elvira's watches, but I don't know what happened to Ella's. Grandmother's is engraved with an "E" so one day, I will give it to my granddaughter Eryn. It's nice to have such a tangible connection to the past.
    Canadian Chickadee


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