Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunday 22nd March 2009

After a beautiful week the weather broke today - but not before I had managed to plant a load of bulbs and corms. I also sowed some vegetable seeds.

In the past the garden has tended to lack colour in the late summer. Hopefully this year it will be different!


  1. These look great! My garden always fizzles out in August so maybe I should try some of these too. I'm planing lots of herb seeds to give to friends and family this spring. Can't get enough of it.

  2. That's a lot of bulbs! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the garden later in the year. I too have gone a bit overboard making sure that the garden looks good in autumn. Rather than bulbs I've gone for lots of grasses and late flowering perennials like rudbeckias. Unfortunately since I've grown a lot of them from seed I don't think they'll flower this year. Next year should be great though.


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