Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday 31st March 2009

And the moral of this story is...

if you hear the sound of running water don’t just check it out once. Check it twice.

I could hear running water last night but when I checked it seemed to be coming from the drain in the doctor’s back yard. This morning I found it wasn’t. It was coming from the hose in the back garden which I had inadvertently put on when filling a watering can yesterday. As a result I have a very flooded back garden and have wasted a lot of water. Oops.


  1. Would you believe I too flooded the garden last week, although only for half an hour or so. I'd left the tap on after watering with the hose and the pressure built up until the attachment burst off the end of the hose and the water came flooding out. Our garden really needed the water though. Looks like yours may have not.

  2. That's exactly how ours flooded! I realised it this morning when Jo asked had I not noticed the water coming out of the hose when I was in the garden. I had only been using the watering can so when I had left there was, apparently, no water running. It must have blown its joint same time in the late afternoon. The water has already soaked in so the garden obviously needed it.


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